proactive have confirmed that they will link to my blog, i have my own blog and you tube to create awareness to this group of community


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rough cut

the rough cut was yesterday and it gave me shrills when i had to go up there but it was pretty short and i had a lot of work to catch up with … several classmates of mine did pretty well and some of them were impressive … especially the one witht the poets !!!! i found that really cool ….

my documentary is too long and need to be cut into pieces so i will be doing this tonight and hopefully my blog will be ready soon !!!

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how can i put up a video ??

my video is 900plus mb

luckily  facebook is 1024mb limit so i dun think it will be difficult to post on it

but i guess i need to set up a youtube account to put up this video

and i dunno how to post to this blog cos this video is avi version !!!

i need answers !!!

i need three platforms !!!!!

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pictures taken

many pictures were taken but my sony camera megapixels was too high so i had to resize and reformat every one of them … but i was glad that the audie recorder was idiot proof and dean was helpful to send me a mail on how to use . was so fortunate on not screwing it uo and losing all the information …

because i have never exactly been good with technology stuff.. this project is really taxing on … i have spent hours and hours .. heading down to interview, trying to figure out the audio recorder, getting a hang of the softwares and they are slowly but surely getting into my blood and i am glad .. all went well …

i have put in hours of work into a short documentary … so ya hopefully my insufficiency in technology can be sufficed with the content and the light i put my subjects into…

as many students choose either not to be pictured or do not want to answer the questions, some stayed anonymous and only one particiapnt was willing to be photographed and filmed ..

the instructors are very enthusiastic and willing to help .. so many videoes on them showing their skills..

i can’t wait to see the reactions of my audience to my documentary for wed tut

hopefully it will be good

cross fingers

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a peak into the student interview answers(email)

Students interview answers:

1>     (couldn’t answer; wished to stay anonymous)

2>     I participated in the Women’s Self Defence for 8 weeks in the form of private lessons with my sister.  Then we joined the ongoing Australian Freestyle Martial Arts Classes with Proactive to continue my self defence training in a group.

3>     I did private lessons with Leteicha Tippett in Women’s Self Defence and Anti-Rape.  There was bpth practical and theory components.  I now do AFMA Classes 2 times a week and I absoultely love it!

4>     The womens self defence traning was very useul and it opened my eyes about the dangers we face every day.  I feel more confident and safe in my surroudings because I know how to look after myself

5>     I chose Proactive because they were very professional and experienced.  I also thought their WSD program was developed well and structured to suit my needs

6>     I want to feel confident and know how to look after myself

7>     I definitely think I am more mentally and phsyically prepared because of the womans self defence Training and my ongoing AFMA classes

8>     I wanted to learn self defence, as well and become more fit and healthy.  It’s great exercise for the mind and body!

9>     The Instructors are very warm and friendly , they make you feel very comfortable. The other students are lots of fun, we get along well.

10> The same goals, we are all eager to learn as well as train hard.

11> If there is a social function like a gym spar, tournament, presentation night.

12> I definitely consider myself part ot the proactive community.

13> I suppose so

14> Proactive are a great group of people, it is a great place to learn and lots of fun.

15> Womens self defence was just woman, but my martial arts training is men, women and children combined and some womens only classes.

16> I enjoyed the womens self defence course; I feel more confident, I love martaila arts training, Proactive is an excellent academy with a choice of classes and great instructors.

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i tried to see from three aspects namely place, interest and communion.. and i guess i found out the answer .. many of them join this anti-rape self defense then go on to join other classes and their network broaden within this community into the proactive community …

it shows how community grows and reach out

the reasons varies within the students on why they join thi community but it is interesting how confidence and the ability to protect themselves seem to be a popular reason .

at fisst , i thought there will be alot of political statements or stands but i guess this is just purely a more defensive stand towards today’s society and in a positive way

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all thanks

my interview went well … but the content was too little so i had more help from the proactive team , who helped me asked the other students as well and instructors answered the questions too ….

at first , it thought i will just be doing photos and words but i guess it is not as engaging as with video and audio , picturs and words so i mess and mix all of them up with the help of adobe premier pro and audacity software !!!!!

tracy , classmate in this transient spaces was so kind to introduce to me this program and help me with the first few steps … really thankful to have such helpful classmates …

feeling really blessed that i have all the information and softwares hat i need to do this documentary

as i was doing this documentary

i was asking myself long does this documentary needs to be ?

but i guess there is no definite … afterall it is not the quantity but quality …

i definitely hope i can put this community in the light i want to !!! and that it is positive .. witht the help i am just too thankful !!!!!


i am nearly done with it !!! so just waiting for the approval from dean on wed’s night tut !!!!

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